Baguettes you can taste in Xenotes

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Baguettes easy to prepare


After a few hours of starting this adventure descending into the depths of a cenote, admiring the landscapes, and flying through the jungle you might start getting hungry. Would you like to eat a delicious baguette? It doesn’t sound bad, right? They can be prepared with different types of bread and filled with sweet and salty ingredients. This time, we bring you some recipes that will satisfy your appetite and that are ideal for a picnic in the jungle. 


baguette and glass of wine


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To have a perfect baguette requires two things: that the ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality, and that the bread is always fresh. Of course, you can not miss dressings that highlight the flavors of these delicious baguettes.


Smoked salmon baguette


If you are looking for a baguette rich in vitamin D and with high amounts of protein, this is perfect for you, since smoked salmon helps muscle development and strengthen the skin and bones. Topped with a few leaves of romaine lettuce and a few black olives. Salmon has a strong flavor, so we recommend white bread without dressing, and of course, do not forget to combine this baguette with an exquisite glass of wine.


smoked salmon baguette


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Cold cuts baguette


Take white bread and cut it in half, spread the bread inside with chipotle mayonnaise, then put lettuce leaves and place cold cuts in layers. Add some slices of manchego cheese, and if you prefer, you can also add some cherry tomatoes. (Inside the bar ingredients you will find a delicious variety of cold cuts such as salami, turkey ham, ham, mortadella, etc.)     


cold cuts baguette


Complete your baguette with a delicious “Tinto de verano”, all you need is to pour a glass of red wine (¾), add grapefruit soda and ready. Enjoy it!


Vegetable baguette


Are you craving a salad? What if, we prepare a delicious vegetable baguette? Take a piece of whole wheat bread, put some salad ingredients like carrots, peas and baby corn or if you prefer some vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, pickles; add lettuce leaves on top of them and it is ready to enjoy. There is no need to add any dressing since the vegetable salad already has mayonaise. 


vegetable baguette


Turkey breast baguette


You will find the perfect combination of tasty and healthy elements in this baguette. You need a piece of wholemeal bread, lettuce leaves, a little house salad, slices of white cheese, and about three or four slices of turkey breast; to end your baguette you can add some mayonnaise and parsley so it will have a little more flavor. 



turkey breast baguette


It is delicious and useful to prepare a baguette, but it also gives us the energy to continue with more adventures in the Oasis Maya. Make your own combinations, add an energy shot with a delicious brownie and don’t forget to share it with your adventure partner. 


What other delicious combinations of baguettes can you make? Share us your recipes.

Zulema Hernández

Marketer and Mexican foodie. Music is her inspiration, she loves spending time with family