Cenotes, A Paradise For Adventurers

A Gift From Nature

Close To Cancun

Cenotes are one of the secrets best kept by nature in the Riviera Maya: special places, unique in the world, that you can only find in the Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun and the Riviera Maya, are internationally famous thanks to their beautiful white sand beaches and the shades of blue of its beaches, but this destination has many other places that make it incredible. If you are planning to visit Cancun or the Riviera Maya on your next vacation, let me share this secret with you.

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Can you imagine having to cross a dirt road in the middle of the jungle just to find this place? A car trip that may take from 40 min to 1 hour? But, don’t worry, you’ll see that it will be worth when you finally see what I’m talking about.

Wait a moment: I haven’t told you where we’re going, I’ll take you to explore a cenote.

A cenote? What is that? Well, in scientific terms, it is a well or pond fed by fresh, natural water from underground rivers, which were formed naturally due to soil erosion. There are three different types of cenotes; open, semi-open and underground.


The word “cenote” comes from the Mayan word tz’onot, which means”abyss.” The Mayan culture gave them a sacred use, where they used to practice rituals and ceremonies. Nowadays, the activities that you can do in a cenote are a little different. You can discover its marine life by snorkeling, admiring its beauty aboard a kayak or descending to its waters by jumping from a platform or a zip line.

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We arrive at our destination, and your eyes can’t believe what they see, you just want to leave everything behind and take a break into those crystalline waters. The temperature of the water is fresh, perfect to forget the heat for a while: you are floating and the water covers your ears, for a second you disconnect the world, and it’s only you and nature in perfect synchrony. You observe various species of fish that you have never seen before, you hear the sound of the birds, and you can only ask one thing. Why hasn’t anyone else told you about this place?


Well, I told you it was a secret, it’s part of the magic that characterizes them. After visiting your first cenote, you will want to visit new ones, and you will realize that each one has a unique feature.

Are you ready for the adventure in a Mayan Cenote?

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