Zip lines in Xenotes: An unforgettable experience


Discover the incredible view of the Oasis Maya


Flying through the jungle


Would you like to know how does it feel to fly on zip-lines for the first time? I will give you some keywords so you can imagine a bit of this experience: adrenaline, adventure, nature, fresh air… I have a better idea, let me show you some of the best Instagram photos of our expeditionaries.


1.- That moment when you close your eyes, breathe deeply, and when you open them, you are fascinated with the landscape of the Oasis Maya.


zip lines in the jungle

Photo by @rosie_b_


2.- After admiring such beautiful landscapes all you will want to do is keep on discovering. You will feel so excited that you won’t be able to hide your smile from ear to ear.



Photo by @suahdz


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3.- Once you got into the zip-line adventure, there is no turning back, so why don’t you just shout with excitement and enjoy the ride?



Photo by @kathymz94


4.- You are flying through the jungle, let the adrenaline run through your veins and enjoy nature.



Photo by @v_santoyo


5.- While flying through the zip-lines, you’ll have all kind of feelings… there won’t even be time for realizing if you smiled for the camera or if you made the famous “duck face”, but the important thing is for you to dare and jump into the jungle.


fun in xenotes

Photo by @miguelsnchz


6.- If you are more adventurous and want to feel the adrenaline, don’t think it twice and jump into the water before landing at the end of the zip-line.



Photo by @chabelipotenza


7.- In the jungle the possibilities are endless, so don’t worry about losing the style and let fun take over you. Have an encounter with nature and let the energy of the Oasis Maya surround you. 



Photo by @rosie_b_


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8.- It doesn’t have to be simple, discover how far you can get and let the zip-lines show you there are no boundaries.



Photo by @amer.khanfar


9.- All good things must come to an end, so make the perfect landing on the water for ending this zip-line adventure.


perfect landing

Photo by @suahdzv


10.- The best is still to come, from now on you will want to fly and fly, again and again, day or night and feel the gooseflesh as our expeditionaries do in Xenotes.


Flying through the jungle

Photo by @sonam94


Have you flown through the jungle on a zip-line? What did you feel? Share your experience with us.